Still from personal video project “Ophelia.”

Everyday I strive to implement what I have learned through education and experience into everything I do, whether I am working on editing a video or creating an inventive way to make a publication.

As a graduate from the University of Florida, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Art & Technology/Digital Media. With this artist background I have acquired many skills from both a technical and innovative stance. These include skills such as working on a team to complete a project and creating video and audio with a full set including lighting, rigs, and both the RED Epic and Canon 5D Mark iii cameras. In my work experience I have gained knowledge in implementing design projects for the marketing of a company and an educational institution.

With a passion for the moving image and design, I continue my art-based education in personal projects as well as integrating them into any work I do.

Check out my Demo Reel and/or Portfolio here.