Irish Dancing and Learning Immensely.

Being on an Intramural Flag Football team in women’s is both very fun and very stressful. Not so much stressful but getting seven girls to come out and play football is harder than I ever imagined it would be. I’m definitely going to to Co-Ed next semester. I’m sure I can get a variety of guys to play more so than girls.

Oh well. Everything is still good. I went to Disney for the weekend and had a blast. There’s a pub in Downtown Disney that is so so fun. It’s call Raglan Road and it was so lively and fun and I highly suggest it for anyone who enjoys live music, Irish dancing, and good food.


Also. I have some interesting projects in my art classes happening.

1. Making an almost experimental documentary about a forest that UF owns for learning purposes. I now have more knowledge about microphones than I ever imagined and am desperately trying to figure out if I can possibly learn everything possible out of UF as I can.

It’s slightly upsetting really. I know art school isn’t supposed to be a technical thing and I have learned a lot from the school in general. But I don’t know anything to perfection. I really want to get to know Pro Tools and Final Cut X pretty well so I can use them as skills. Building a resume isn’t as hard when you have the correct tools.

2. I’m finally learning some coding. I think that everyone should learn code but for now I’m happy to be learning for me and figuring out that whole realm.. I really want to try hard to learn it so I know more and more. Jobs and money!

Life is crazy. But everything happens for a reason.


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