I’ve been having a hard time this year with one thing in particular: inspiration.

I’m not entirely sure what it is. Whether its from not doing anything this summer or not feeling any of my classes or the likely answer of work. But I just haven’t felt like I can work to my full potential. I should be excited this semester. I’m finally in upper-division classes and experimenting in things I’ve wanted to learn but there’s nothing there.

I’ve been looking for a spark. That one thing that’s going to change my way of thinking and make me explore new realms. But I’ve got nothing. It’s humorous sometimes, not so much in others. The most I’ve been inspired seems to be listening to NPR while traveling to and from various locations in Florida. Listening to peoples stories and trying to get excited about something. I mean NPR is a good start. But I still need that jolt.

I need something to get excited about.

I’m looking into book binding. I really think I could get into that or charcoal drawings. (I’m not much of a tedious drawer). I just need something. Something that isn’t code or film.

Surely there’s got to be something coming up that’s going to change everything. Hopefully that’s not getting a second job.

Save me book binding.


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