Not getting as much done.

I’ve soon learned that because of school and work and travel I don’t really take the effort to do the same thing everyday (sketchbook wise). But maybe that’s just me being all over the place.

It might have been my roommate pressuring me for days to start binding my book that by the time I actually sat down and made the book, I was tired of the idea. It must not of been a real passion of mine if when I did it I didn’t even want to finish it. 

I will say that I learned that you do not need to have perfect pages or the same kind of paper on each page to make a cool book. And binding is actually a lot easier than it looks. All you really need is: a quilting needle, floss, a sharp poker, and paper. You can do it, I promise.

Another thing I did this week was check out a whole bunch of helpful design books from the library. Design books on setting up a career. So I will most likely be adapting from my experience to what I read in the book to give the best advice I can for design students. 

I will say that you should listen to design podcasts. They’re so helpful and I found this gem from a guest speaker. You should watch his video:

Dustin Pearce: The Gap


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