Pens, Paper, and more more more.

Recently I’ve found out two interesting things about myself.

I never thought I was a notebook snob, I pretty much use any piece of paper with lines on it, or even no lines at all. But a friend of mine has this really cool journal and while I was looking through it, I was inspired strictly on it’s appearance. That’s when I remembered I had some weird journal I probably got on clearance from Barnes & Noble like three years ago and started using it.

Well, it was a revelation. I’m addicted to writing notes. I mean, I’ve always been one of those crazy list makers that makes a list for things three times on three different pieces of paper so this was just too exciting. I figured out that it was a Picadilly Journal and have been in love ever since. I even numbered the pages for almost no reason. hah.

The second thing was something I kind of knew about and that is: hotel pens.

They’re a revelation. I have always stayed at a lot of hotels because my dad works out of town every week and so I’ve been through quite a bit of Marriott pens. However, this weekend I went to this place and of course took their pen and I’ve once again, fallen for stationary. This pen is amazing and I don’t know why I haven’t been picky before. (well I do because I’m cheap but that’s beside the point)

Paper Mate Profile is my love. I like a good ball point. I’m not into the fancy gel pens and the drawing pens. It has changed my note taking drastically and for that I am more than happy.


In other news. I’ve been working on a newsletter for my work. I think I am developing my magazine design flare but knowing where I work someone will probably tell me that it needs more. More and more and more. They always want it to “wow” which I think can be done with simplicity and grace. I’m not much of a minimalist but I do like what I’m doing with this.

Of course where I work making something all lower-case is the worst possible thing ever.

Good thing they’ve never seen my design resume, they would be thoroughly upset.


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