RAW Footage, Resolve, and Crystal Castles

I haven’t posted since January. Life’s been crazy. But everyone’s is.

Crystal Castles broke up yesterday so in memoriam:

I’m not going to complain I’m going to show. Because I’ve made a lot of cool work worth showing.

First off. Via Art + Tech (my major) I’ve gotten experience with so much software and cameras. Our project was essentially creating a 3D object in Maya and compositing the object into a video that each of us shot. I used the RED Epic which was amazing. Shooting in 5K is amazing and using RAW footage makes life so much easier to color correct later on.

Thus the workflow is essentially shooting the footage- Red CineX (RAW color adjustment)- SynthEyes (tracking the camera and models)-Maya (modeling)- After Effects (Compositing final model to final footage). Pretty confusing but pretty awesome that I learned this professional software.

Mine was set up for disaster upon starting because I didn’t think ahead for tracking correctly and various other problems. Thus, I learned a lot but don’t have much to show for it. Hence the photo below.

3D Compositing

On a better note I recently finished my next project for the class. For this project I wanted to explore the idea of Intimacy and the idea of the body as a landscape. Thus, with help I shot close up images of my own body and the weird folds and wrinkles it creates by movement. I used a Macro lens on a hacked Canon EOS 5D with Magic Lantern to shoot RAW footage. The result was beautiful, close shots that were unrecognizable close up. I learned the basics of Divinci Resolve to color correct. Resolve is a beautiful program and I look forward to working with it more to grasp its full potential. Below is a still from the final video.

Intimates Still

Here’s the final product:

I have another project due in two weeks which I will possibly be posting about if I set my mind to it.


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