Shrining for MacBeth

This week was weird.

Scene Design continually kicks my ass. There is always so much do in short periods of time and the class itself is at 7:25am. But it is pretty neat to see what I can accomplish. Especially in comparison to the theatre majors. Definitely interesting to see art major vs. theatre major.

The latest project we’ve had is for MacBeth.

Basically we had to come up with a conceptual idea about what we think MacBeth is about. When I read MacBeth the word obsession stuck out to me. Obsession with the throne is within a few of the characters including MacBeth and Lady MacBeth. In class we discussed a shrine, thus I decided to make a religious/voodoo-esque shrine covered in wax so that it was one mass to look up at. There is a curtain that is sheer so that the shrine can be seen when the curtain is closed. The curtain is open in acts where the characters who obsess with the throne are on.

Here is my render of the set via watercolor. It looks a little like satan’s throne but I like it.

MacBeth Model

After we did the rendering for the scene, we had to make a model in 1/4 scale. I’m not very good at models since I’m kind of messy and really quite terrible at cutting foam board but, below is my finished model.

Models within shrine

I feel like it is a pretty good crossover. I had some mishaps, but I think two layers of wax and gold spray paint really work wonders. Luckily my style crosses over into most things I do. Including my slight obsession with wax.

More to come on the other projects I’ve been working on. I will be praying to the Arduino gods until then.


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