The Unexpected inspiration of Matthew Barney: Moving Forward

I’ve had quite a bit of inspiration lately, I guess that comes with all the things that happen in life.

Recently I have decided to expand the Ophelia project that I have been working on for a final project in my Experimental Cinematography class. As we were discussing it in class my professor pointed out to me that my idea and visual is similar to Matthew Barney. Which is really interesting to me because four years ago I would have laughed at that. But now I think that is so awesome. I’ve been watching his work and getting really excited about costume and set ideas.

I have this small black box to work in but I really think I can suspend reality and create a surreal working space in a short amount of time. It’s really quite exciting.

I think I need to write more about it but that will come this weekend.

I also have been working on this project in my Sensors class that is dealing with desire. Soldering a final project is stressful but I am glad I have my friend helping me out on it. It should be pretty great, visually at least. That’ll be posted later.

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