Finals & Glitter.

I’ve been hard at work on my final video for my Experimental Cinematography class. It’s a reiteration of my last project but more finished and more put together. As always I used our RED camera and lots of glitter.StoryBoard_2 StoryBoard_3

Before I started I planned my shots with the use of digital collage. Which from looking at the footage, it pretty spot on to my vision. I was very happy with the shoot and the various shots I was able to create. I shot in 60fps and used a 24mm lens and a macro lens to create interesting shots that showcase glamour. Using RED CineX, I made the color on the footage gorgeous. I won’t be humble because it is beautiful.

ophelia_2ophelia_8 ophelia_7ophelia_6 ophelia_3

Arduino and Models.

Recently I have finished the first iteration of a collaborative project.

Through the use of the uncanny we wanted to push the idea of the body and the desire for touch. Through Arduino we have control of electronics to make our concept even more clear.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.18.06 PM

Above is the set-up we used for the piece. We constructed the LED lamp and wired to to a proximity sensor so that as the person approached the piece, the lights would begin to turn off one line at a time. The person would continue forward and the lights would continue to turn off until the room was completely dark. The piece looks almost medical because of the LED lighting and the shadows create interesting shapes over the whole piece.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.18.18 PM

The sensor is located below the breasts, thus the viewer does not realize immediately how the light knows they are there.


I have also been working on a few other projects. Scene design has been a struggle but I finally finished my model for Glengarry Glen Ross.

Glengarry Glen Ross model

This was a struggle because I wasn’t a huge fan of the play and I had to be more practical than my previous model with MacBeth. I am not a fan of making tiny furniture but somehow I managed to pull it all together working twelve hours on a Saturday.

Lady Icarus

I’ll start off this post and all posts with the song I’m feeling at the moment.

Below is my piece from last semester. There is this awesome class at UF called META (Media Experiments in Technology and Art) and it is a class where artists and engineering collaborate on a project in a group setting to make a final piece that incorporates both skills. In my group we had two artists and an electrical engineer and a materials engineer.

Our piece follows the ideas of interacting with art is in turn destroying it. Thus we created a bust that resembles a classical bust one may see in a typical gallery or museum, however it was made of wax. We had a heat source coming from the ceiling much like a spot light and whenever someone came to interact with the piece a sensor would be triggered and the heat source would be turned on. Our heat source was a hair dryer that we hooked up to the proximity sensor via Arduino, so the effect of the hot hair on the wax was beautiful.

The process was a difficult one. The electrical components were going smoothly but making a full size bust out of wax was a real challenge. I had a ceramics major help me make a plaster 3-part mold for the mannequin head we used and added to. After having a few leak instances and hot wax on bare feet, I found out that play-doh fixes everything and we were able to fill in the holes. Unfortunately to get the bust out we had to break the mold, but it was well worth the final result.

The project is titles “Lady Icarus” in reference to the Greek myth and even had wings when the light hit her form.

Lady Icarus


Since our project could only be done once, we were very pleased with the end result and how quickly the wax dried to make these forms. Though we hit many rough patches the final piece was everything we could’ve hoped for.

RAW Footage, Resolve, and Crystal Castles

I haven’t posted since January. Life’s been crazy. But everyone’s is.

Crystal Castles broke up yesterday so in memoriam:

I’m not going to complain I’m going to show. Because I’ve made a lot of cool work worth showing.

First off. Via Art + Tech (my major) I’ve gotten experience with so much software and cameras. Our project was essentially creating a 3D object in Maya and compositing the object into a video that each of us shot. I used the RED Epic which was amazing. Shooting in 5K is amazing and using RAW footage makes life so much easier to color correct later on.

Thus the workflow is essentially shooting the footage- Red CineX (RAW color adjustment)- SynthEyes (tracking the camera and models)-Maya (modeling)- After Effects (Compositing final model to final footage). Pretty confusing but pretty awesome that I learned this professional software.

Mine was set up for disaster upon starting because I didn’t think ahead for tracking correctly and various other problems. Thus, I learned a lot but don’t have much to show for it. Hence the photo below.

3D Compositing

On a better note I recently finished my next project for the class. For this project I wanted to explore the idea of Intimacy and the idea of the body as a landscape. Thus, with help I shot close up images of my own body and the weird folds and wrinkles it creates by movement. I used a Macro lens on a hacked Canon EOS 5D with Magic Lantern to shoot RAW footage. The result was beautiful, close shots that were unrecognizable close up. I learned the basics of Divinci Resolve to color correct. Resolve is a beautiful program and I look forward to working with it more to grasp its full potential. Below is a still from the final video.

Intimates Still

Here’s the final product:

I have another project due in two weeks which I will possibly be posting about if I set my mind to it.

Book Binding vs. Sleep.

I’m going to start a sketchbook and draw in it everyday (or at least try to) starting tonight. I wanted to make a post about it so that I couldn’t back out hah. I will be trying multiple methods in doing this one of them is from this site:

and I think I’m going to do one that is a bit more difficult that I did my freshman year of college. If only I remembered!

I’m doing this. Yes.


Design Advice & Suches.

I’m finally getting back into the InDesign grind.

Trying to do booklet documents on Illustrator only goes so far. I didn’t realize how important InDesign would truly be until I had already stated which programs I needed for work. Although I do love Illustrator, InDesign has surely won my heart.



We’ll see how this whole thing ends up. Working in the real world can be interesting (while being a student of course) but can also be very challenging. I’ve often looked up “advice for design students” and really they are all true. 

There are a few things from my recent experience that I’d like to share:

  1. No one has to be nice. In school some critiques may be a little harsh (I know I’ve had a break down after a Typography I critique..) but nothing is as hard as people who don’t know you at all tell you that you’re not good.
  2. People will assume they can do your job. Better than you can. This of course is not true, but being artists or designers, it looks easy. They could do it in PowerPoint just as well….. right?
  3. You HAVE to listen to the client. Yes, the client or your boss may want it overloaded and yes it may look really bad, even terrible! But. You have to do what the people are paying you to do. 
  4. However, you do have a choice in being a slave to the market and with that I give you my last piece of advice. Have as many options as you can produce.

Art/ Design school may teach you a lot but until you get out there in the world and someone tells you that your work looks like a kindergardener could do it, well it’s not quite the same thing then.