The Unexpected inspiration of Matthew Barney: Moving Forward

I’ve had quite a bit of inspiration lately, I guess that comes with all the things that happen in life.

Recently I have decided to expand the Ophelia project that I have been working on for a final project in my Experimental Cinematography class. As we were discussing it in class my professor pointed out to me that my idea and visual is similar to Matthew Barney. Which is really interesting to me because four years ago I would have laughed at that. But now I think that is so awesome. I’ve been watching his work and getting really excited about costume and set ideas.

I have this small black box to work in but I really think I can suspend reality and create a surreal working space in a short amount of time. It’s really quite exciting.

I think I need to write more about it but that will come this weekend.

I also have been working on this project in my Sensors class that is dealing with desire. Soldering a final project is stressful but I am glad I have my friend helping me out on it. It should be pretty great, visually at least. That’ll be posted later.


Getting Started. Again.

It’s been a long while since my last post.

The holidays somewhat take over and since I have to use my computer everyday for school and work, it was nice to take a breather and not open my computer. 

That being said. School is about to begin again. I’ll be going into my 2nd semester of my Junior year. I don’t really know where time went. I know everyone says that as you get older time goes by faster and I didn’t think it was true until around now. I’ll be freaking out this time next year, but until then I will just stay calm.. ish.

As I go into this semester my load seems pretty heavy. Classes like Programming, Animation, and Ancient to Renaissance Lit seem a bit intimidating. On top of my graphic job and a new job at Joann’s.. But as my mom says, it’s better to struggle early on so you’re not as shocked when you get into the real world. Which I think is good advice even though when she told me I was a bit put back.

I’ve found out through my own self that I love researching and that if you ever have free time on the internet you should definitely just start looking things up. Because it’ll lead you to new places that you could find rather interesting.

And example of this:

I must read Beowulf going into this semester and I was looking up the best way to understand it. When. I stumbled upon this professor’s blog about comparing it to Forrest Gump. Interesting and something I never would’ve thought of. I will say I’m a little over-researcher. I spent 30 minutes looking up lunchboxes. Not necessarily proud of that one.


As for inspiration..

2013 was pretty terrible. Zero inspiration. Zero Drive. Everything Broke and yes.

Which means 2014 is looking mighty bright and I’ve made plenty of New Year’s resolutions that I hopefully can follow. One of them is that I’m going to use the classes that I have to take to fulfill graduation requirements to inspire new projects in my true art classes. I think this will be a way to not break any time and get out of the art. (Thank goodness I never have to take math again!)


2014 I’m going to have no time but damn if I’m not going to have amazing work.

Book Binding vs. Sleep.

I’m going to start a sketchbook and draw in it everyday (or at least try to) starting tonight. I wanted to make a post about it so that I couldn’t back out hah. I will be trying multiple methods in doing this one of them is from this site:

and I think I’m going to do one that is a bit more difficult that I did my freshman year of college. If only I remembered!

I’m doing this. Yes.



I’ve been having a hard time this year with one thing in particular: inspiration.

I’m not entirely sure what it is. Whether its from not doing anything this summer or not feeling any of my classes or the likely answer of work. But I just haven’t felt like I can work to my full potential. I should be excited this semester. I’m finally in upper-division classes and experimenting in things I’ve wanted to learn but there’s nothing there.

I’ve been looking for a spark. That one thing that’s going to change my way of thinking and make me explore new realms. But I’ve got nothing. It’s humorous sometimes, not so much in others. The most I’ve been inspired seems to be listening to NPR while traveling to and from various locations in Florida. Listening to peoples stories and trying to get excited about something. I mean NPR is a good start. But I still need that jolt.

I need something to get excited about.

I’m looking into book binding. I really think I could get into that or charcoal drawings. (I’m not much of a tedious drawer). I just need something. Something that isn’t code or film.

Surely there’s got to be something coming up that’s going to change everything. Hopefully that’s not getting a second job.

Save me book binding.