She Dances in Anger: Screen printing is rad

The semester is in full force and it being my final one I’m having minor panic attacks every other week. I am producing what I think is pretty neat work.

One of my studios is screenprinting, and it is pretty great. I recently just finished a print that I am very happy with involving a series of collaged images that I found. Many revolve around darker tones (tarot cards and Goya prints) but i printed it in a monochrome of pink so contrast. I definitely think I will be making a make shift screen printing kit for when I’m out of college.

In Process Printing
In Process Printing
"She Dances in Anger" 12 x 9 screenprint
“She Dances in Anger” 12 x 9 screenprint

Gallery Opening!

My art gallery show was a success! Luckily having a gallery showing at the student union is made easier by responsible people in charge but man, working towards it can be difficult.

I did the show with two other girls all based around the same idea of a monotype, water based ink. It’s actually very interesting how its done.

You must have water-based ink that usually is prepared in big canning jars (its basically watered pigment) and then you take a piece of plasti-board (flattened out , really thin PCP pipe). You then almost splatter the ink onto the board much like water color. Then you let it dry overnight, get your paper wet and put it through a press to get the image onto the paper. It seems complicated but it’s really not too bad.

Even though I’m an art and technology major, I still love printmaking and was so happy to be able to have the opportunity to get chosen for the gallery! There is a blog in Gainesville called “Gainesville Art Makers” that shows artist’s by their work. We were featured on the site!

Below are examples of our work and an image from our show!

One thing I do have to say about doing group shows is that you have to have patience and a good work ethic. It took a lot of deadlines and irritation to put it all together.

It’s worth it in the end, for sure.