Design Advice & Suches.

I’m finally getting back into the InDesign grind.

Trying to do booklet documents on Illustrator only goes so far. I didn’t realize how important InDesign would truly be until I had already stated which programs I needed for work. Although I do love Illustrator, InDesign has surely won my heart.



We’ll see how this whole thing ends up. Working in the real world can be interesting (while being a student of course) but can also be very challenging. I’ve often looked up “advice for design students” and really they are all true. 

There are a few things from my recent experience that I’d like to share:

  1. No one has to be nice. In school some critiques may be a little harsh (I know I’ve had a break down after a Typography I critique..) but nothing is as hard as people who don’t know you at all tell you that you’re not good.
  2. People will assume they can do your job. Better than you can. This of course is not true, but being artists or designers, it looks easy. They could do it in PowerPoint just as well….. right?
  3. You HAVE to listen to the client. Yes, the client or your boss may want it overloaded and yes it may look really bad, even terrible! But. You have to do what the people are paying you to do. 
  4. However, you do have a choice in being a slave to the market and with that I give you my last piece of advice. Have as many options as you can produce.

Art/ Design school may teach you a lot but until you get out there in the world and someone tells you that your work looks like a kindergardener could do it, well it’s not quite the same thing then.