Projects Galore.

It’s been a really chaotic week with bursts of fun and minor panics, but I’m almost finished with Fall semester and it feels wonderful.

In this I have finished three projects and re-wrote a short story for my creative writing class. I feel actually very productive and am waiting for that moment where it’ll hit me that I am done. Soon I hope.

The first project I completed was a second iteration of my previous project involving arduino and such. For this version we decided to put our false breasts into a body pillow and create a space that implied comfort. Inside the body pillow was a light that would pulse as well as a stepper motor that we programmed to sound and feel like a heartbeat. We had people lay on the pillow within a space and the response we received was mainly that it was comforting in a strange way. Here are some pictures of the piece in the space. It looked oddly like a funerary piece but we liked that in a way.

FullSizeRender (2) 10842323_10152588274948111_438149225726499042_o

The second project is still speaking of my last post and my final video project. I finished editing the piece last night. It turned out beautiful I’m hoping for a good critique. Here is the video below. Enjoy!

My final project is for scene design. The final play we went through was Next to Normal. It is actually a really amazing musical and I really enjoyed listening to it (you can on YouTube.) I decided to make my set about facades and barriers and so I created these screens that can be projected on as well as platforms that the characters can walk on and stand based on the placement within the play itself. Here are two photos of the model. One is before I added the screens and one is after.

1937443_10203445059229339_2212004323654168514_n IMG_9160_1

I was actually really happy with the results. I am also happy that the semester is coming to a close. It’s been quite a roller coaster but I think I’ve made some great art.

Shrining for MacBeth

This week was weird.

Scene Design continually kicks my ass. There is always so much do in short periods of time and the class itself is at 7:25am. But it is pretty neat to see what I can accomplish. Especially in comparison to the theatre majors. Definitely interesting to see art major vs. theatre major.

The latest project we’ve had is for MacBeth.

Basically we had to come up with a conceptual idea about what we think MacBeth is about. When I read MacBeth the word obsession stuck out to me. Obsession with the throne is within a few of the characters including MacBeth and Lady MacBeth. In class we discussed a shrine, thus I decided to make a religious/voodoo-esque shrine covered in wax so that it was one mass to look up at. There is a curtain that is sheer so that the shrine can be seen when the curtain is closed. The curtain is open in acts where the characters who obsess with the throne are on.

Here is my render of the set via watercolor. It looks a little like satan’s throne but I like it.

MacBeth Model

After we did the rendering for the scene, we had to make a model in 1/4 scale. I’m not very good at models since I’m kind of messy and really quite terrible at cutting foam board but, below is my finished model.

Models within shrine

I feel like it is a pretty good crossover. I had some mishaps, but I think two layers of wax and gold spray paint really work wonders. Luckily my style crosses over into most things I do. Including my slight obsession with wax.

More to come on the other projects I’ve been working on. I will be praying to the Arduino gods until then.

Finally, a calling.

It’s been a long month since I’ve last posted but I think that’s perfectly normal being a full time student.

I’ve actually done a lot of researching in this past month, and in this have been very inspired and determined.

First off, I cannot express how much I want this semester to be over. It’s been rough through breaking almost all my technologies (including my macbook) to projects that I have no will to work hard on. Probably not the best semester to have learned code in but that’ll be one of my New Years Resolutions so I’m already on top of that.

I haven’t been letting my job get in the way of my happiness either. I used to stress over it all day, sometimes even more than my school work. Which.. wasn’t the best situation. But as the days go on, I continue to learn the struggles of my place of work. The only thing I can do is (if I ever own a company or am the boss) is be the best I can with what I’ve learned.

I suppose I’ll go ahead and share some tips that have helped me get through this month:

  • Don’t change your deadlines. A recent project that I had been working on for a while got put on hold for an indefinite amount of time. Luckily, I’m quite used to this but it’s still not a good place to be when your deadlines aren’t actually your deadlines at all.. My advice (unless it’s out of your control) is that when you give yourself deadlines don’t just let them pass because they’re your projects. It’ll help you in the long run.
  • Be passionate about what you do. I know that Graphic Design is my travel companion right now, but it’s certainly not my destination. I’ve been feeling a little irritated about my job for a good six months now, but I’ve learned that you’ve got to talk about what you do in a proud (but not snooty) manner.
  • If you’re really interested in something. Just get started. It’s hard to think about things you “could” do but really all it takes is for you to just start. I know my goals have changed in the past week and the only thing I can do is to put my foot in the door.
  • Finally, some things won’t seem possible, with scheduling and everything in your life. But don’t be afraid of getting that “no” email or talk. If you don’t try it’ll always be no.

Along with my lessons learned, I’ve finally found my calling.

I’ve been searching forever for this calling. That thing that you are passionate about and that you’ll work forever to finally reach that goal. For a while now I thought it might be Graphic Design. I wasn’t the best at it, but it was something I could sometimes get excited about. Then I thought maybe marketing was my true self since I love working on a team and talking to groups of people. But then I recovered a love that I found my freshman year of college: Art Direction.

Not just any Art Direction, art direction for film and theatre. This was finally something to get excited about. Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting! It’s never the same job and it’s always good fun. After my excitement calmed down I had to think about how the hell I was going to make it to this goal. I have a few plans of action and luckily I have this insane drive inside of me to do this. I’ve bugged my advisor multiple times to please let me take theatre classes (still don’t know why Fine Art majors can’t take Set Design…) along with checking out books from the library and emailing every theatre in a 20 mile radius to try and volunteer.

I’ve never felt so determined in my life. I will make this happen. I know this all sounds a little dramatic but I truly believe in having a dream job and life. For now, I’ll be working on newsletters that will get printed a semester late but step by step, I want to make this happen.

I also want to make sure I blog more since I actually have a lot of tips from all these books.