Horizontal Absence.

I’ve been listening to this non-stop lately ever since I watched the Oscars.

After traveling to Cedar Key to collect underwater sounds for my latest project, I re-discovered that mixing audio is very difficult. I was able to salvage some of the sounds off the dock which precariously held my laptop but overall I had to do a lot of mixing with found sounds and the like.

I decided to change the aspect ratio of the video since I wanted it to create a panoramic feel and have the viewer truly not feel where the horizon begins and ends. With this idea in mind, the video is quite a bit longer than what I usually produce so the viewer feels the absence and gets immersed within the image.

Horizon Lines

First week into school, my classmates and I went on a “field trip” to Seahorse Key, one of the Wildlife refuge islands off of Cedar Key. We didn’t have a specific project in mind when going there but we had to formulate an idea and shoot lots of footage before the end.

Shooting on Water

I decided to work with horizon lines because they are really interesting if you think about where they end and how you could possibly measure them. Because our project had the theme of “mapping” I thought of how people try to control this horizon with markers and points. When really the ocean is constantly shifting and showing us we are very wrong.

Below are some shots I took with my camera in between shooting. It was astoundingly beautiful and I hope to have my project up soon.Horizon Line IMG_9300

Finals & Glitter.

I’ve been hard at work on my final video for my Experimental Cinematography class. It’s a reiteration of my last project but more finished and more put together. As always I used our RED camera and lots of glitter.StoryBoard_2 StoryBoard_3

Before I started I planned my shots with the use of digital collage. Which from looking at the footage, it pretty spot on to my vision. I was very happy with the shoot and the various shots I was able to create. I shot in 60fps and used a 24mm lens and a macro lens to create interesting shots that showcase glamour. Using RED CineX, I made the color on the footage gorgeous. I won’t be humble because it is beautiful.

ophelia_2ophelia_8 ophelia_7ophelia_6 ophelia_3